Sunday, April 17, 2011

After 3 Years!


Kung hindi dahil kay ericthespaceoutjunkie, hindi ko na uli mabibisita ang blog na to. i even forgot it existed. waahahah.

Now, what happened since I posted my Islander tsinelas??

Well, my Zero Dating for One Year Goal was successfully completed and extended till now (almost three years) T_T

I found out, pag nagzero ka sa lovelife, magzo-zoom ang career. And that was what happened. I got offered a project that sent me to Japan for training and to have a post-graduate studies in Solent University (UK). Hehehe.

I got my B- sa

I organized a non-profit org that assisted two orphanage one school.

Nah, i'm not bragging, I'm just saying I've been busy.

In fact, I was sssooo busy I've been branded "superman" by three different person (one friend, one boss and one potential date).

And since I'm already bragging (though I said I'm not), hehehe, i will post here how he described me:

"Days with Superman

Who? Yes Superman. I just met him. I know it's mythical to say. But even with my own eyes and experience I just knew him. He is unbelievably extra ordinary, mysterious, and rational. For some period in my life he flew right into my face to say "hi". That he is just around. Watching. Probably waiting? Well Clark Kent is unnoticeable right? Yes at first he is just a geeky Clark Kent that my eyes never lose a wink to linger. But he proved to me that there is more to Clark Kent. That he has great power. I never knew that. And as we know power comes with great responsibility. From then I never imagine putting my picture by the side of someone like Superman. It's because he's everybody's Superman. So who am I to have a constant space in his responsibility?

I'm just an ordinary citizen like Lois Lane. But far from being more than a bird and more than a plane, I know it's not easy to be him. Out of the hundreds of people he serve, Lois Lane just want to know if Superman's kryptonite will be on hand as key. And out of all the extra ordinary traits he has, would that include an extra ordinary feeling? He was never that normal, never was perfect, never was the ideal, never expected. I don't know if I should say if there's still "to be continued" at the next page of this comic book. But who knows. Lois lane will still be Lois lane.. will be just .. yes .. here .. waving for Superman. Waiting to land again right in front of my eyes... And smile.. "

Hehehehe, cheesy noh? Since he already claimed my powers and responsibility, I was inspired... To share what I experienced.

Thus, henceforth, pipilitin kong ma-update ang blog na to, at least twice and thrice a month. n_n

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