Monday, December 11, 2006

Mahalaga pa ba ang ligawan?

Is courtship neccessary?

Yes. Courtship is an important stage for both parties to know each other without premature commitment.

No. Courtship is obsolete.

No. Courtship is full of pretention.

Maybe. Depending on the seriousness of both parties.

Other Answer.

There is (was) a person i'm dating.  Gusto nya na na maging kami, and a couple of times sinabi nya na mahal nya ako.

I just laugh it off.  we only know each other for less than a month, and for me that person barely knows me.  i believe na ang sinasabihan nya ng "i love you" ay hindi ako, kundi ang illusion na ginawa nya about me.

Then, last thursday, i went to cebu.  when i came back last saturday, nakareceive ako ng group message.

"Ang saya dito sa antipolo, kasama ko bf ko"
-------------J., Text Messages

I know the other guy.  My date and I met him last tu
esday, so if i'm going to analyze, they only know each other for 5 days.

i'm not the type of guy that usually regret what i did, lalo na pag sa tingin ko pinag-isipan kong mabuti ang ginawa ko.  but this experience made me think, hard, if courtship is still necessary.

wat do u think?

Monday, December 4, 2006

The Most Insensitive Man in The World

Ako na yata talaga ang pinaka-insensitive na tao sa buong mundo...

friend1: hey...
friend1: remember my ex girlfriend..
miko: huh? wat about her?
friend1: hmm...
friend1: nagpunta sya d2 kagabi
friend1: and kinausap si KUYA MAC (ung kasama ko d2)

miko: okies
friend1: sabi sa kanya.... magingat daw ako palagi...
friend1: frat member ung ex ko... haha.. pinagbabantaan na aq
friend1: hehhehe

miko: nye
friend1: kya.... wala lng....
friend1: hahah
friend1: malay mo ipatira nya aq sa co-member nya eh di patay...

miko: well, life is short talaga, hahaha
miko: dalawin mo ko pag namatay ka ha.
miko: :)

friend1: nyeh....
friend1: aos ang comment ha...
friend1: anyway... thanx

miko: sorry, i don't take threats seriously. i received a lot of that. and i don't care about dying. i might welcome death as i would welcome life.
friend1: okie.. wer different... so thanx for dat
miko: :)
miko: maraming beses na me akong muntikan mamatay, o patayin.
miko: nakakasawa na nga rin minsan, lagi na lang close call.
miko: hindi naman natutuloy.
miko: pag namatay ba ako, gusto mo dalawin kita?
miko: :)

friend1: /:)
friend1: sorry pero hnd ko na a-appreciate ung mga msg mo
friend1: :-<
friend1: ur so mean u know...
friend1: ur so so mean
friend1: hmmmpppp

-------------Chatting with a Friend

Masakit ang tyan ng friend ko while we are having conversations on the phone.  Sinabi nya na wag ko daw syang masyadong patawanin.  So i just gave him advice.
"Uminom ka ng antacid.  Then punta ka sa room mo and lock the door.  Lie down face flat on your bed, stuck out ur ass, at umutot ka ng umutot.  kabag lang yan."
My friend was laughing hard on the other line.  It doesn't seem as funny here but back then, i knew he was trying hard to stop himself from laughing.  Then I add:
"And one more thing, use ur cellphone to record a video of it, hehehe.  I wanna see it.  hahahaa".
We both laughing at that time, close to tears...
Then later that night, he was sent to the hospital.  Mild ulcer or something.
When i found out, i just texted him saying:
"Di pala kaya ng pagtuwad =)"
He told me a day later na nagtampo daw sya sa text ko.  He expected I care more than that.
-------------Conversations with a friend

And as usual, the last is not the least.  Just last saturday, i did the unthinkable.  I brought my 17 yo date in a ktv bar with my friends, got drunk, flirt with a newcomer, and KISS that person beside my date!!!

I'm not writing this because i'm proud.

I'm writing this because i'm really sorry...

this is a public apology to all those people whose life unfortunately crossed with mine.  lalo na sau Bunso... im sorry...