Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Di.Vi.Ded iAm

Hearty: Oh God! Oh God! OH MY EFFIN GOD! I Can’t believe this is happening!

Eyesy: SShheett! He really looks absolute gorgeous.

Lipsy: Naglalaway na ko, wwaahhhh!!!

Brainy: Order! Order! This Body must maintain proper decorum! Hearty, you are getting unruly again. Tell me what is the status. Handy, please take the minutes of this meeting.

Hearty: Uhm, Mr. President, do you recall "Ultimate Crush"? ‘Di po ba iniisnab po natin sya sa Campus nun?

Brainy: Yes, I remember him. Napagkasunduan ng Body na to na iwasan sya dahil he looks too good… and we don’t want to join his ‘Fans Club”. Sakit lang un sa ulo, as everyone agreed. Now, what about him?

Hearty: Er… Correction your Honor. Hindi po napagkasunduan na iwasan sya, not in the sense na there is a conscious effort to avoid him. We just agreed we are going to be… uhm, indifferent.

Brainy: So? What’s your point?

Hearty: Eh, ngayun po, sya ang gumawa ng first move! Waahhh. Ang bilis ng tibok ko. Ano na po ang gagawin natin Mr. President?

Brainy: Have you run the Emotional Assessment Test?

Hearty: I made initial testing, your Honor. Tulog pa po si Birdy, at sobrang baba po ng arousal level. Definitely it is not LDE (Lust-Driven Emotion).

Brainy: That’s good. At least Handy is doing a good "job" keeping Birdy satisfied for now… Is there anything else?

Hearty: Your honor, I believe we have a serious case of IDE (Infatuation-Driven Emotion). We have several cases of Dream Infringement, Wishful Thinkings, and Day Dreamings.

Brainy: I’m quite aware of that, thank you. I receive reports that some schedules-for-idle-times are being override by Wishful Thinkings and Day Dreamings..

Hearty: It’s really difficult, your honor. Sometimes… it’s painfully, hard. I want him bad... and I want him soon. Hindi ako umasa nung pinaintindi mo sa Body na we don’t have a chance… Pero ngaun, now that he made the first move... Ayokong pakawalan ang opportunity.

Brainy: Naiintindihan ko. Sige, I will conduct full assessment of his character profile. You understand it’s a protocol that all Date Prospects should pass screening, don’t you? Good.

Hearty: Thank you, your honor.

Brainy: And most important thing. We still have the Zero Dating Goal. Eyesy, stop rolling, and Facey, don’t frown like that, baka mahipan ka ng masamang hangin.

Remember when we fell in line to ride a roller coaster? I told everypart that it is unreasonable, in fact, insane, to wait for hhhouuurrss just to experience less than fifteen minutes of joyous fear.

Hearty: Yes your honor, naalala ko yon. At naaalala ko rin na sinabi nyo, after nung ride, that it was worth the wait.

Brainy: Yes, I said that. And I’m telling it to you again. I know Dating him would be meaningful and fulfilling, but just like falling in line for the coaster ride, falling in love means to Wait too.

Hearty: I understand your Honor. You’re handling this pretty well. I’m glad you won in Body Election.

Brainy: I’m glad too. Its hard, but we all know I need to fulfill the responsibility, lest Birdy will take charge, hahaha. We don’t like that to happen, do we? Like what’s happening with some of the guys out there.

Hearty: Hahaha.

Brainy: n_n Ok, if there are no more issues, meeting adjourned. Have you got all that, Handy?

Handy: Yes sir. But if I may add… I like to say I’m eagerly looking forward to holding somebody else’s hand at night, instead of just fooling around with Birdy.

Brainy: Hehehe. We will come to that. Ok, everyparts, back to work.

Stomach: Sa wakas! Kain na tayo, gutom na ko.

Meeting adjourned ast 1255H
Minutes by Handy

Dahil mag-isa lang si Miko sa office, regular na nakikipagmeeting ang utak nya sa ibang parte ng katawan, basta lang ba may makausap. Pasalamat kay Engr. Tolentino para sa titulo.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tatlong Bj

Nakatatlong BJ ako.
Dalawa sa umaga,
At isa sa hapon.

At bakit hindi?
Maliban sa masarap na sariwang juice,
Malinamnam din naman ang meat.

Eto ang masarap gawin
Lalo na pag nalasing.

Later ko na found out na marami palang mapapala sa BJ-

1. Mabilis na treatment for exhaustion at hang-over. Ang potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium levels nito ay makakapagreplace ng nawalang electrolytes sa katawan.

2. Meron itong mataas na antas ng Lauric acid. Isang mabisang anti-viral, anti-fungal at anti-bacterial liquid.

3. At isa pa (kadahilan siguro kaya ako hyperactive), naiistimulate nito ang pagrelease ng thyroidal hormones, na nagiging sanhi ng mabilis na metabolic rate, at siempre, high energy levels.

Totoo ngang the Coconut Tree is a the Tree of Life, dahil ibinibigay nya ang masustansya at murang Buko Juice.

So ano pang hinihintay nyo, BJ na!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miko Version 3.1

Manufacturing Date: Sept 25, 1982
Release Date: March 26, 2009 (six months to go!)

Ht. 5’7.5, Wt 110lbs,
Lean frame.
Comes in tan color during summer season
though normally fair to white.

Miko 3.1 has a unique love algorithm that ensures personal growth of the user. ActiveLove.CB is Commitment Based concept that doesn’t fluctuate as Feeling Based love algorithm of other units.

Honesty.Com is one of the core system feature and will be the foundation of all task. Miko 3.1 has a built-in AntiLiar Device that will immediately delete malicious lies once detected. One time reboot is possible but will auto uninstall if user is thoroughly lie infected.

Various Tools
Miko 3.1 has improved tools. Core Values Listing optimize prioritization during multitasking that ensures sufficient allocation of resources (mostly time and energy) to user. DreamWeaving incorporates preset dream/goals with user’s own that promotes lifetime support and compatibility. The MorphAdapter allows Miko 3.1 to automatically download patches and updates system registry for maximum compatibility.


==System Requirements==
OS: Honesty Premium
(Incompatible with Home Editions where other units make alibis or lies)
Hard Drives: Manila-Pampanga-Bataan
UA (User’s Age) 20-28. Older units are incompatible with regards to Miko 3.1 authority handling software and idle time preference (like playing computer games)

Equal sharing of expenses (though usually generous),

===---===Installation (Date) Guide===---===
1. If AutoDetect Miko 3.1 did not contact you, message Miko and schedule a set-up (non sense going deeper in cyberspace only to find out both are personally uncomfortable/incompatible).

2. Install Disc 1: Dinner. Talk, screening. (Movies are distractive, so as games, etc. Overnights are extremely rare and greatly discourage. Prompting may cause severe system failure.)

3. If Disc 1 was successfully installed, install disc 2. If not, MikoLite Version will be installed instead. Full version may take time to adapt but with decreased chance of success.

4. Install Disc 2: Meet other Units, Perform Beta Test on Different Field (Miko3.1 will meet user’s friends and vice-versa to observe how each interact with others. Also establish network support. Risk of Data-Theft may occur (may mga friends kasi akong cute, baka don mapunta ung user, hehehe).

5. Install Disc 3: Discuss Terms of Agreement. Major incompatibilities may result to system failure. Minor incompatibilities may be fixed via patches and regular updates.

6. Installation complete. Full version of Miko3.1 will start running in peak performance.

===---===Known Incompatibility Issues===---===

Transgenders: No offense, just system preference.
Bisexuals: In the sense that these units are still hopeful to settle with a female adapter making installation of Miko 3.1 temporary.
Infected Programs: Units with STDs, Drug dependency, Psychotic disorders should reformat first.
Code Violators: Oath-breakers, Liars, Cheaters, Thieves.

Smokers, late-comers, whiners, sissies
More as installation progress

For order or inquiries, contact Miko in

Older versions not available. For revision history, check blogs in multiply account.

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