Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Am Human

Yes, you might have labels for me,
But it is from your ignorance or your laziness
And never will be my limitation.

You named me for the things you do not know
Or for the things you are too lazy too seek.

I am not gay because I had sex with a man
And I am bi because I had sex with a woman and a man.
I am just a human who had sex.

Will you say I am a guitarist
Because I know how to play one song with guitar?
Or will you say to the bird he is a tweeter
Because daily he tweets?

Surely you will not,
A bird is a bird,
And I am human

If it is easier for you to put me in a category
And conjure illusions of what and who I am
And predicts my future for what I did in the past
Then you, though welcome, I do not seek.

But if it is you who have a clean slate of mind
Willing and ready to discover
The weaknesses and greatness of my humanity,
Come walk with me in this path for growth.
Let us ease each other’s burden.
And lift each other up,
And soar toward heaven.

my oldest recorded freeverse poem. hahaha. feb 2006.


Jan Suing said...

I doubt bisexuality in Filipinos. It's either you're straight or you're gay. i haven't encountered an authentic Pinoy bi in my life. Some say they're bi because they think that will excuse them from being marginalized by others or they think they can elude the society's stigma on third sex.

Miko Legaspi said...

bisexuality is another label.
and it's difficult for them to see the gender blur.
like it's either your black or white, up or down, straight or gay, good or evil.
i don't blame them, you really can't explain or describe the color red to a red-color blinded person.

i believe in a wide spectrum of sexuality, like the LGBT's rainbow colored logo.
but then again, making categories and putting people under them is labeling.

don't worry, i don't claim i'm bi,
whenever i get lazy to explain unrecognized and different perception of reality,
i immediately say "i'm gay".
i enjoy their expression of shock, disbelief and sometimes disappointment. hahaha.

Jan Suing said...

I think the people I met who label themselves as bi are those people who still can't accept the fact that they're gay and there's just too much stigma on the word "bakla". I should know I used to be one of them.

Miko Legaspi said...

yep, i know. here's a conversation i witnessed:

pinoy coño: i'm bi.
foreigner: so, how many girls have you fucked so far?
p: duh, i don't fuck girls,
f: err, then, what animal is it?
p: ???
f: if you gotta say you're bi, you gotta fucked two different kind of people. if it isn't a girl, then what animal is it?

tawa ako ng tawa.

i screwed different kinds, pero i like to play on people's perception and emotion
saying i'm gay, kahit hindi sila naniniwala
and seeing their expressions pag may kahalikan na akong lalaki din,

Pat Pat said...

clap clap clap

Jan Suing said...

hahaha oo nga. medyo natutuwa din ako dito.

Alexis Hernandez said...

naahhh..dami ng pagtatalo jan sa paglalabel at claiming kung ano nga ba talaga ang tawag. Isingit pa jan ang tripper.

Miko Legaspi said...


Miko Legaspi said...

hehehe, kaway kaway

Miko Legaspi said...

kaya nga nonsense ang tripper tripper na yan.

Alexis Hernandez said...

oo nga sir eh, pa keme ba. hehehe

Miko Legaspi said...

hehehe, to think na dati,
tripper lang ako,